Trust and security for more than 60 years




The Firm

Hajek | Boss | Wagner has been a regionally and internationally successful firm of lawyers for decades and is one of the leading firms in Burgenland.


Trust and security for more than 60 years


Established in 1951 by Dr. Walter Langer and run by him as a sole proprietorship, the law firm soon developed into one of the leading law firms in Eisenstadt. The joint law firm with Dr. Peter Hajek was started in 1979, and lead to an expansion of the companies sphere of activity, both thematically and spatially. In 1998 Dr. Peter Hajek and Dr. Walter Boss joined forces to form Boss & Hajek Rechtsanwälte OG and began to place the advantages of two locations at the disposal of our clients. The company has only existed in its present form since the year 2000. Following the admission of Mag. Michael Wagner and Dr. Peter W. Hajek the third generation of lawyers is now working in the company.


The official headquarters of our company is in Eisenstadt, with a branch office in Neusiedl am See. A telephone station has existed in Wiener Neustadt since 2005. We have been advising and representing our clients with discretion and professional expertise for 60 years. Whether the issue at hand is an intervention before the courts and authorities, the restructuring of a company, the drawing up and formulation of contracts, the extrajudicial assertion of claims or the settlement of disputes, our clients can place their trust in our experienced team members.


Our clients include private persons as well as renowned companies from a wide variety of economic sectors and the public authorities.


We are delighted that you chose to visit our home page, and are pleased to place ourselves at your disposal for enquiries and for consulting and representation services and thank you for your trust.

We are covering the following areas:


  • Civil and company law
  • Reorganization and company law
  • Real estate contracts and trusteeships
  • Compensation and warranty
  • Company restructuring and insolvency law
  • Inheritance law and testaments
  • Public commercial law
  • Private foundations
  • Real estate and rental law and right of abode
  • Marital and family law
  • Public procurement law
  • Building law and neighbourhood law
  • Company and individual criminal law
  • Traffic accidents and traffic law

Hajek | Boss | Wagner Rechtsanwälte OG

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